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11 August 2015  |  0 comment  |  Sahi

A clean slate in Cağaloğlu

Cağaloğlu was known as the place of journalists from 1870s to the mid-90s. Today, it sets off a sigh from every journalist…

A clean slate in Cağaloğlu

I personally know many journalists who’d much prefer to walk up ‘Babıali’ hill, rather than go up big plazas in elevators.

Casting aside this professional longing, Cağaloğlu is a district famous for its Turkish bath. According to Italian magazine Il Viaggio, everyone should go to that Turkish bath and bathe and freshen up in its hot water…

Having decided to change his life from the ground up, a friend of mine had said, “I decided to change my life. I’ll go bathe at Cağaloğlu Turkish Bath.” His statement had made me laugh aloud, but he’s right, as Turkish bathes really have such an effect on people. When someone cleans oneself up at the navel stone, he also cleans the dirt in his spirit and thoughts… If you still haven’t tried it, you should definitely stop by Cağaloğlu Turkish Bath.

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