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2 February 2015  |  0 comment  |  Zeynep Bakir

A Different Valentine’s Day is Possible!

If you’re one of those couples who want to lock themselves in the house due to shop windows painted red on Valentine’s day, we would like to create an alternative Valentine’s Day route for you, by the power vested in us by God of Love Eros. Naturally, Istanbul constitutes the background of the route.

A Different Valentine’s Day is Possible!


Our first stop is Kınalıada, not preferred much even in Princes’ Islands visits. Hristo Peak in Kınalıada is a hidden sanctuary not known by many people, where you can experience the island’s view to your heart’s content. You can lie on the grass and read poems to each other. Haven’t you read a poem to your girlfriend before? In that case, you can start by memorizing a love poem by Turgut Uyar.  


Now that we reached out to Princes’ Island, you may also climb famous Hristos Peak in Büyükada. Since no one will think of climbing there in February, we’re sure that you will be alone. And believe me, climbing that slope in summer is much more difficult.


And our last stop in Princes’ Islands is the sycamore in Burgazada. This island has a sycamore that’s almost 650 years old. Some sycamores are called, ‘residence sycamore’. These have a huge hollow in the middle of their trunk and homeless people live in that hollow. Even a shoe maker is said to have worked in this tree’s hollow. I don’t know if you’ll enter the hollow, but if you plant a kiss on your girlfriend under the sycamore, perhaps Sait Faik will like this and whisper, ‘look here!’ to you…

There’s a hidden teahouse with its entrance not easily found just behind that sycamore. If you’re one of those couples who like playing backgammon, order two glasses of tea and one backgammon, and don’t miss the last ferry.


Some of us are aware that they’re born into nature. If you’re one of those people, Atatürk Arboretum both displays new plants, and offers you just the day you need with its romantic atmosphere. Trees in rows, a peaceful time by the lakeside, and endless walking trails…


Soğukçeşme Street at Sultanahmet is cut out for Instagram couples. It’s one of the rare streets with an intact historic fabric. We’re sure that you can’t help but looking at houses with bay windows and have a glass of tea in the local coffee of the house.


We also have Turkish movies with a view of Istanbul we can recommend to couples who are determined not to leave their house. If you can’t go out to Istanbul, Istanbul will come inside your house. 

The Victim of Lust 

Directed by Muhsin Ertuğrul, The Victim of Lust features Ahmet Barksever, a teller at a bank in Istanbul. We see many people in suits and ties working at Dış Ticaret Bank in Karaköy is set in Galata and its vicinity. This 1940 film clearly shows the desire to “modernize”, the policy of the period.

Murder on the Orient Express  

Directed by Sidney Lumet, this 1974 movie offers plenty of Istanbul views to the audience. An American millionaire, one of the passengers on Orient Express en route from Istanbul to Paris, is found dead, and the drama unfolds. This movie is adopted from the novel of Agatha Christie by the same name, and of course, the Pera Palas Hotel is in a starring role.

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