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17 November 2014  |  0 comment  |  Adalet Cavdar

A pudding shop is at the heart of Tatavla!

There’s no harm in describing Göreme Pudding Shop, where everyone having grown up in Tatavla either has romantic ties or envies those with ties, as “the heart of the neighborhood.

  • A pudding shop is at the heart of Tatavla!
  • A pudding shop is at the heart of Tatavla!
  • A pudding shop is at the heart of Tatavla!

Cream colored walls with photographs of Göreme, formica tables and an old, small TV that shows mostly news and now and then football matches… Best of all, it’s likely that you can come across a black and white Turkish movie if you go there in the daytime on week days… Its employees don’t forget anyone visiting easily, and treat them as guests, not customers, fidelity of children growing up with profit of the shop grown by great effort by their elders… 

Göreme Pudding Shop was established in 1965 by İzzet Yalçın from Nevşehir, who worked as a traveling milkman in Beyoğlu, Tatavla and Nişantaşı. When Yalçın passed away, his pudding tray passed to his grandchildren. The pudding shop, open from 06.00 in the morning to 01.00 at night, has a modest, delicious and stable menu. Saying “Whatever we do, we want to do it best and endeavor for this purpose,” the managers split hairs about the menu. Classic breakfast plate and delicious Turkish omelette, white beans, rice with chicken meat and chicken broth soup, beneficial against depression, are the main items in the menu. Buffalo yoghurt and cream shouldn’t be neglected in illness and good health. Their prices appear to be a bit higher compared to the market, but considering that all their products are natural and fresh, they certainly deserve this… Having introduced their family-inherited enterprise not only in Tatavla, but all around Istanbul, İlhan and İsmail Yalçın brothers opened another branch in Nişantaşı about two years ago. As the managers promised that the shop in Kurtuluş will always remain naïve as a small, spit-and-sawdust artisan’s restaurant, we have our eyes on them. With meals added to the classic menu of Göreme Pudding Shop to satisfy lunch needs of working people, the Nişantaşı branch is more of a restaurant-café. News of a new branch at Bomonti to serve as both manufacturing shop and a  

Having appeared in many Istanbul best restaurants lists, Göreme Pudding Shop receives bulk orders, offers home delivery and is accessible from Yemek Sepeti.

Pudding, pudding with a caramel base, milk pudding with coconut ashura, fig dessert, and crumpets in thick syrup, rice pudding and rice wafers stuffed with nuts throughout Ramadan are among classics of Göreme Pudding Shop. Two brothers are managers and another two are chefs in the shop, and the latter position is inherited just like the former. The shop has served their desserts without changing anything for long years. When asked about the secret of their great taste, the chefs give quite modest and reasonable answers: “Everything’s natural and is produced without any additives, just the way it should be. We pay strict attention to cleanliness, and attach importance to remain faithful to recipes. We remain faithful not only to recipes, but to the work we do, the place we earn our keep and the people we feed.”

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