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14 April 2015  |  0 comment  |  Ali Deniz Uslu

Balat heals not only your soul, but also your stomach!

Balat feeds the soul, but also takes care of the stomach. 

It’s not easy to make a choice in this Istanbul miracle molded with myriad different cultures. 

First you can take a short break in your Balat adventure with a delicious tamarind syrup and fig cake at the bedlam, a.k.a. Balat bazaar. Then your stop will be Afili Cezve. Have them as a cure. Bon appetite…

Balat heals not only your soul, but also your stomach!

Fındık Kabuğunda Köfte is another flavor stop. You can simply not ignore this place that has excelled in the unique taste of coal fire. Located across the Bulgarian Church, Fındık Kabuğunda Köfte also has a great view. 

Balat Culture House reclaims the labor of the district’s women and shares their flavors. The meat pastry and stuffed chard leaves are simply ravishing there. Balat Culture House is at a historical building on Vodina Street.

By the way, “tripe” is synonymous with Balat! Fetih Tripe Restaurant has been in business for 40 years. Its menu includes six different trip soups. And the sheep’s intestines grilled in tandoori is simply epic. 

And the editor’s choice: Even though its real name is “Mavi Köşe”, everyone calls it “Köfteci Arnavut”. Once you eat there, you don’t forget it. Köfteci Arnavut is on Mürselpaşa Street.  

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