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26 December 2014  |  0 comment  |  Sahi

Don’t let your table lack flavor.

The best part of special days is that their taste of them lingers. This is not just a metaphor. Indeed, delicious tables are also unforgettable tables. Prepare a table as you like, without limiting yourself for your loved ones at this New Year.

Don’t let your table lack flavor.

    •    Take care to start the evening with small treats. If your guests sit at the dinner table at once, they may become satisfied quickly. Be careful in this regard, let small treats soothe before the main course. 

    •    Not everyone has to cook turkey. Having a meat, chicken or fish dish at your table is enough. Or you may prefer a main course according to your budget.

    •    Naturally, if you add a few olive oil dishes along, it will be even better. Don’t forget, salad is the flower of the table. You may prefer a few kinds of adorned salads and a few kinds of appetizers. 

    •    Don’t forget, desserts are a must for these special day tables. Make a place for yourself here. Make a special dessert. You can capture hearts with its delicious flavor on the palate. 

    •    As for drinks, offer at least a few options. It’s best to leave the choice to guests. 

    •    Also take care to appeal to the eye. New Year suggests glittering tables and red details to everyone. We’re not talking about a great splendor here. You can embellish your table by putting a few candles and a few red details.

    •    By the way, a nice fruit plate will also be a delicious, light and refreshing treat to conclude the night. You can prepare the plate to surprise guests slightly. For instance, you can serve fruits cut in different shapes.  


        Bon appetite in advance.

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