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2 February 2015  |  0 comment  |  Zeynep Bakir

Don’t wait for special occasions to show your love!

Valentine’s Day is close at hand. Those who want to surprise their loved one are already racking their brains in this respect. Don’t you forget: the best thing in life is to be open. You should always be able to express your feelings, and often say that you love him/her… Of course, there are many nice ways of expressing love. Some special days can also be an opportunity for this. Still, you shouldn’t wait for special days to show your love to him/her. Forget the monetary value of your gift or surprise. The important thing for it is to leave a taste in the mouth and have an unforgettable feature… What can it be? Here are a few tips for you…

Don’t wait for special occasions to show your love!

  • Adding flavor to life is important. Lay a table you can enliven with special tastes this time. Of course, you should make a point of making a difference… You can create an unforgettable night with a faint music and tasty dishes.
  • Speaking of taste, naturally you should “eat sweat and talk sweat”. Ignore fabricated products. Either you can buy a baklava made by a master chef, or make Turkish delight yourself.
  • Istanbul is a special city; however, one can get lost in its chaos sometimes. Allocate at least one day for me. Go to undiscovered streets of the city in places that are special for you. Discover new places, meet new people.
  • Make your loved one start the day with little notes. Perhaps he/she will see the first note on the mirror while washing his/her face, and find the other ones in a little game. Make him/her look around the house with curiosity in order to find the next note. Of course, save your message to the last note. Spoken words fly away, written words remain. Believe me, it will be a great heritage to keep the written notes and take them to the future.
  • To love means to be at peace with oneself. To love means opposing all fights and embracing life with love. For this reason, you can choose different gifts depending on your budget. Perhaps you can make a donation to take a sea creature under protection on behalf of your loved one. It’s also possible to propagate and share life by planting a tree or supporting an animal shelter.
  • And how about a little game? Pick a beautiful place in Istanbul. For instance, take a walk along Bosporus shore. Encounter a few friends who’re fishing. Keep walking with them. Then see other friends in a café. Drink coffee together. Then reach Beşiktaş by walking. Through some improbable coincidence, see some other friends there. Increase in number gradually. Then head for Karaköy. Spend a day with your loved ones, increasing in number with a pleasant sweet. Experience the surprise of these sweet “coincidence”s all together…
  • If you want to buy a gift, pay attention to buying a special one. There are many choices for special gifts made by skilled hands, adorned with various details.
  • If you like tiny hearts and red roses, of course you can prefer them. But we recommend seasonal flowers, even a house plant if possible. The most valuable gift is one you make an effort and watch grow.
  • Don’t forget your family. Take care to celebrate your family members, who have offered the most valuable kind of love to you.

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