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8 November 2014  |  0 comment  |  Zeynep Bakir

Fusion stairs


Fusion stairs

Ascending from the middle of Bankalar Street to Galata Kulesi Street, Kamondo Stairs serve as a time tunnel for those who want to go to Galata Tower. You’d better believe this, because were it not for those stairs, we would have to draw a half circle walking on a long and boring slope to reach from Karaköy to Galata! The stairs were built in 1870. They achieved international fame after Henri Cartier Bresson took a photo of them named “Kamondo Stairs” in 1964.

The fact I’d like to draw attention here is that the best statement about them so far is well-known. Here’s the statement, found in a Barbara Nadel book: “Kamondo Stairs represent an interesting fusion between utility and art.” English novel writer Nadel features a protagonist named Çetin İkmen who carries out criminal investigations ay the Turkish police department. He’s featured in every book in the series. For this reason, you can encounter many districts of Istanbul, and also Karaköy and its ‘fusion stairs’.

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