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13 November 2014  |  0 comment  |  Ali Deniz Uslu

Gate of Happiness.

Dersaadet, i.e. “gate of happiness”.

Gate of Happiness.

Perhaps the most beautiful among dozens of names of Istanbul. Everyone smiles faintly upon hearing this name. This smile is ironic, but it makes the world stop and makes you think for a moment. In fact, happiness is hidden in these small moments. This is a city that makes you feel you’re alive. Her melancholy, her elation, her fury… It’s a place where things you cannot describe but only experience are born. Those with no passion in their blood cannot live here. That’s why people who come here can’t ever leave, and those who run off can’t escape… Need we say more? People who cross this door cannot return…

More often than not, we’re among those who can’t change what we didn’t choose, but you don’t need very much to pursue happiness. For one, you should know the joy of sharing. You should always keep in mind that remembering lovely experiences before they’re obscured by the dust of time is equal to living them. And most important of all, you should be aware of the power of smiling broadly, hugging tightly and giving a salute! Yes, Istanbul is a sea, an accomplished soul hunter. Even though we its inhabitants forget to live as we scurry around, and hours drag on while life passes, this city is ours. Great Istanbul, Dersaadet, center of the world… Don’t linger in the in the doorstep, you’re not a stranger. The only thing you have to do to cross the gate of happiness is take a hopeful step.

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