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20 November 2014  |  0 comment  |  Sahi

Here’s how to make the foamiest Turkish coffee

Some things may slip into our daily life with a conventional process, but there may be some deviations about how they are made. Here’s a recipe to make Turkish coffee with lots of foam… 

Here’s how to make the foamiest Turkish coffee

  • Use Turkish coffee beans fresh ground with powdery fineness. 
  • Put one heaping coffee spoonful (7-8 grams) of coffee into empty and dry coffee pot for each portion.
  • Use a coffee pot suitable for the portion amount, for coffee foam to have an ideal consistence and rise sufficiently. 
  • Add desired amount of sugar. Adding one sugar cube for low sugar, one and a half cube for medium sugar and two cubes for a lot of sugar is considered suitable.
  • Fill a Turkish coffee cup with room-temperature water for each portion and add it to the coffee pot.
  • Before placing the pot on stove, mix the ingredients thoroughly (do NOT mix after placing on stove).
  • Place the coffee pot on the stove with low heat. Cook it for three minutes on average.
  • For equal foam distribution: The coffee will begin to foam. Take the coffee pot from stove before foam spills from the pot and pour foam into cups equally. Afterwards, place the coffee pot on stove again.
  • In the second foaming, foam will rise once more. This time, pour all the coffee into the cups.

Source: The recipe was taken from the Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Society.

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