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11 November 2014  |  0 comment  |  Zuhal Aytolun

Istanbul by Foot

Naturally, it’s difficult to visit seven hills in one day.

Istanbul by Foot

But not quite impossible. This city is not fond of impossible. She likes passion. It’s a unique pleasure to discover the city by foot. And it’s healthy too! Research indicates that walking 30 to 60 minutes every day is beneficial for your body, mind and soul. We won’t make you walk for kilometers, but we’d like to remind you the places to take a walk in Istanbul. We’re insistent, even.  

    * One of the first places that comes to mind for walking is Moda Coast. If you want to see the sea while walking, this is just the place for you. 

    * You can also prefer Caddebostan coast road. Beware the cyclists.  

    * If you prefer the Bosporus route between Anadolu Hisarı and Kanlıca, you’re in for a walk with little sea view. Even though you only see the sea occasionally, this route will also infuse you with a distinct energy with its soul. 

    * Yeşilköy coast also has a clean sea at one side and grass-plots and mansions at the other side to accompany you.  

    * You should definitely add the Bebek-Rumelihisar route to your list. Because it offers a very good option where you can suck in the Bosporus air, watch the sea, and even have breakfast at the end of your walk. You’d better stay clear of Emirgan nowadays, as there’s a coast arrangement in the vicinity.  

    * Don’t you forget the Balat-Fener road. This could be an incredible option for walking enthusiasts.  

But if you say, “All I really want is seeing greenery, escape the swarm of the city and stroll among trees,” then we should tell you about green spaces of the city. 

    * For those who like both green and blue, Fenerbahçe Park shares both its sides with its guests. It will be quite enjoyable to take a tour around the park.  

    * The gigantic garden of Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital offers a nice and oxygen-rich walking route with under the pines. There are quite a few people who walk in this oxygen-rich space before going to work in the mornings or after returning from work in the evenings, and especially in the weekend. 

     * If you like walking in forested areas, you should definitely visit Belgrad Forest…Abundant oxygen and lots of greenery await you. In fact, this place is a natural wonder at your doorstep with its climate, its great fauna, 

varied plant life and aged trees.   

    * Yıldız Park should also be at the back of your mind. And don’t forget Maçka Park, either. Both are ideal places for walking. 

    It’s about time you discovered Istanbul by foot, taking in its scent, soul and air…



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