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8 January 2015  |  0 comment  |  Sahi

Istanbul's Most Famous Dolmush Driver

Istanbul is the city of best lives and best stories. And the story of Karıncaezmez Şevki is one more good life of good people living in this door of happiness…

Istanbul's Most Famous Dolmush Driver

Have you ever heard his name? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But you won’t forget it after reading this article… He was the most famous supporter group leader of Galatasaray. He was one of the most polite, most precious and most tender figures in the history of football, and every team’s supporters liked him. All of us were saddened when we lost him. Now you’ll say, “And why was his name Karıncaezmez Şevki?” Yes, let me tell you. He was given this name by Orhan Eyüboğlu, Chief Police Officer of Istanbul in the 1940s, because Karıncaezmez Şevki, birth name Şevki Güney, was actually a driver. He drove municipality buses for years, and never had an accident. You see, he was the most polite driver of Istanbul! He always put fresh flowers in his jacket pocket. Absolutely one red, and one yellow flower! He never ever forgot his flowers. He lost his job as a bus driver since he turned his driver’s seat into a flower garden. Because putting flowers on his jacket was forbidden in work hours!

But this was Karıncaezmez Şevki, a driver of Istanbul, he gave up neither his flowers, nor his love of driving. That’s why he started to drive his Opel car as a dolmuş in the Dolapdere, Taksim-Karaköy route in the 50s. He was the most colorful, most iconic figure of the dolmuş culture that began in Istanbul and spread all over Turkey. The inside of his dolmuş was full of his love for yellow and red, colors of his team, Galatasaray. And also, he changed his route on days Galatasaray had a match, because he carried supporters to the stadium free of charge.

One rim of his car was yellow, the other red. Even though his dolmuş was such, supporters of all teams got on his dolmuş, because everyone liked this man who was in love with colors, roads and Istanbul. Would that Karıncaezmez Şevki were alive, and those dolmuşes on Istanbul streets! Would that he took me, a die-hard Beşiktaş supporter, to Galatasaray’s matches…

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