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11 August 2015  |  0 comment  |  Zeynep Bakir

Kılıç Ali Pasha Turkish Bath is something else

He was called Kaptan-ı Derya (Chief Admiral). Kılıç Ali Pasha, or Occhiali as he is known in the West, the only student of Hayreddin Barbarossa, who became one of the important commanders of the Ottoman Navy.

Kılıç Ali Pasha Turkish Bath is something else

He was of Italian origin, and his real name was Giovanni Dionigi Galeni… Since he spent all his life in sea campaign, he did not have any children, even though he was married. But he has a mosque and a Turkish bath built in his name.

The distinctive feature of the Turkish bath is its wide and magnificent dome. You will understand that it is a work of Mimar Sinan at first glance. It has the second biggest Turkish bath dome (The first one is Sokullu Turkish Bath in Edirne, again built by Mimar Sinan).

In disrepair until 2012, the Turkish bath was opened for business again after a successful renovation. Renovation and restoration works were carried out by remaining faithful to the original structure. For example, elephant eye shaped windows were made by blowing with special methods. Details origins of which are unknown were designed that does not compete with the old, with plain and modern functions.

There are many historical Turkish Bathes that are always open throughout Istanbul. Kılıc Ali Pasha Turkish bath has also become one of them after a long waiting period.

* From Muhtedi, Osman Necmi Gürmen’s biography of Kılıç Ali Pasha.

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