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22 May 2015  |  0 comment  |  Sahi

Spicy Secrets of Turkish Cuisine

Cooking is an art. And the principal material of this art is spices.

Spicy Secrets of Turkish Cuisine

Highlighting various spices and using them in various amounts, each cuisine creates and sustains its own palate. Some of the world cuisines have ready-made blends, like curries of India, herbs of Provence or Italian sauces... Because of the reticence of Turkish cooks or not, Turkish cuisine usually doesn't expose such special recipes. 

Actually ... until now! Until the six matchless Spice Bazaar herb and spice blends, prepared by Hakan Yeşildere master chef of Sahi and Erkan Kıyıcıoğlu master of master chefs...

Spice Bazaar series is named after one of the oldest covered markets of the world. The Bazaar is standing for 450 years in Istanbul, the westernmost end of the historical Spice Route. It has an undeniable contribution to the rich diversity of Turkish cuisine, with its great variety of spices brought there from all around the world.

This rich diversity is now in Spice Bazaar Herb & Spice Blends, specially prepared for various menus. They're easy and pleasurable to use for everyone around the world, no matter beginner or professional. For Ottoman style stews and rice, heavenly kebabs and grills, delicious Turkish meatballs, savory fish dishes and dip sauces, fresh fragrant salads and tempting vegetable dishes and soups...

The set offering six different Spice Bazaar Herb & Spice Blends also includes a booklet with twelve delicious recipes. With spice blends you can use as seasoning on the table as well as  for cooking, marinating or making dip sauces, the Spice Bazaar Set is worth a taste.

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