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30 July 2015  |  0 comment  |  Zeynep Bakir

The author of Don Quixote came all the way to Tophane, made a mosque and left

Spanish Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, author of the famous novel Don Quixote came worked at construction of Kılıç Ali Pasha Mosque. Now that is a life adventure…

The author of Don Quixote came all the way to Tophane, made a mosque and left

According to history books, here is the course of events: When Selim II conquered Cyprus in 1570, Pope Pius V called for alliance against the Ottomans. Only Spain and Venetians responded to the call. At that time, Cervantes joined the Spanish unit in Rome. He was captured by the Ottomans at İnebahtı. (As you might recall from history books, the commander of Sea Battle of İnebahtı was Kılıç Ali Pasha, who received the title of Chief Admiral as a result of his success in these battles.) 

The famous author attempted to escape four times, but failed every time. Records show that he also work at construction of the mosque commissioned to Mimar Sinan by Kılıç Ali Pasha and completed in 1580.

If you read Don Quixote again, perhaps you can pick out fantastic hints of this adventure from events that happen to the main character. Because, Cervantes based the character of Don Quixote on himself.

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