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45 Degree

29 January 2015  |  0 comment  |  Ali Deniz Uslu

The Center Of The World

Things needed to discover the city are a boundless curiosity and looking at life without bending our head, at a 45-degree angle! Thus you can see, watch and recognize everyhing, everywhere! Because cities belong to their residents.

The Center Of The World

A stone right across Hagia Sophia. It may be difficult to call this a monument. It’s not out of the way either, it’s on the streetcar track. It’s on our way, just like hundreds of stories we look at but can’t see. Taking Sultanahmet Köftecisi as reference and walking towards Gülhane, the Million Stone is at the first left. This is the place where the center of the world begins. This monument, of which only a small fraction survives today, is start of Via Egnatia, the Rome road going towards European cities, and the reference point on which distances on the road are measured. Don’t miss this historical artifact when happen on here. Because Istanbul is paved with history! As we told you, the million stone is a reference point. It’s a beginning used for calculating the distance of other cities of the world to this city. In fact, even the “All roads lead to Rome” is said to come from here. This must probably be right! Unfortunately, very few of the heroes of this story survive to this day. Because the monument built in Constantine I period, the 4th century, was sacrificed to aqueduct widening works in the 16th century. When it was first built, it consisted of four doors facing four directions, a dome that sat on four columns, rising over roads intersecting at this point, and many statues and reliefs from the Byzantian period over its dome. The monument is mentioned as the protector of Istanbul in many sources. It’s also the reason Bakırköy was called “Hebdomon”, meanin “seventh” in Greek, in the Byzantian period. Hobdomon means seventh, and Bakırköy is seven miles away from Bakırköy…

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