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8 November 2014  |  0 comment  |  Zeynep Bakir

The factory that opens for the festival


The factory that opens for the festival

You can still find some stores, workshops and people that bring the past to today in Karaköy, even if few and far between… One such example is Viktor Kamayor’s marble-cutter store. It’s one of the unchanged places having witnessed the history of Galata. This marble-cutter store makes gravestones for Jews. For instance, the gravestone of Vitali Hakko was made here…

If you enter the marble-cutter store with the Viktor Kamayor sign and exit from the back door, you’ll see a factory chimney. That factory operates once a year, at the Passover festival of Jews… Jews don’t eat anything with yeast, including bread and pasta each year for eight days. And this very factory is an establishment making unleavened bread for Jews… If you come here in the beginning of April, you may see the chimney fuming…

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