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22 April 2015  |  0 comment  |  Sahi

The Irresistible Turkish Tea from Sahi

Tea was first consumed in China four thousand years ago. It became a ceremony in Japan. It brought warmth to Russia. It demonstrated its nobility in England, and found its real home at last in Turkey. Today, Turkey is the fifth biggest tea producer of the world, and tea is consumed here at every hour of the day, in every situation, and is an indispensable part of communal life and culture. 

The Irresistible Turkish Tea from Sahi

Turkish tea gets its good taste from the unique soft climate of Eastern Black Sea region. The region is different than other tea-producing regions of the world in that it receives snowfall, which covers the tea leaves and forms a natural protection against pests, and allows tea to be produced without using pesticides, with completely natural methods. Harvested three times in one year, Turkish tea is an aromatic tea that requires a long steeping duration, like all types of tea growing in a high altitude. 

The serving of Turkish tea is also different than all other types of tea. It is prepared with a tea kettle and a teapot designed to sit over the kettle, and served in a special slender waisted tea glass. Even though the steeping amount varies according to how strong or weak one wants to drink her tea, one fact never changes: The day does not start without ordering a glass of tea in Turkey.

Turkish tea, a ritual in itself from its plate to its glass, its strainer and its spoon, is now offered at Sahi for all tea enthusiasts, local and foreigner alike, as a special set including a two-person star-and-crescent- glass set and accessories. Bon appetite...

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Twin Tea Set Twin Tea Set 12,78 €

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