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15 November 2014  |  0 comment  |  Zuhal Aytolun

The walls speak in Balat.

Each one in different color, each one has a different life, different stories…

The walls speak in Balat.

Two or three-story Balat houses with bay windows incorporate the richness of this district’s soul. Surviving specimens of Jewish houses are lined up on the street… They have a knack for making people look at them. You can also see a middle-aged woman sitting by the window, or a young girl watching you behind the curtain; just smile… Because houses of this district smile on one. One is unable to look in the eyes of houses directly. This seems like an attack on private life! You can first stop, take a few steps and soak up their story. You also see colorful clean laundry dangling from a rope hung between windows. They’re just like a necklace on a neck; tranquil…

Some houses are very old and worn. First they lost their hair, they became bald. Then their bones melted one by one. It seems they’re only kept standing by a backbone. As though they will collapse at a touch… You cannot touch. A deep history must not collapse. It must resist.

Have you ever heard the sound of rocks and stones? While you rush about in the chaos of the city, raise your head, even if rarely. Look at buildings, houses, people and roads. Try walking without sinking into the phone in your hand, without thoughts in your mind imprisoning you and without calculating your destination… You’ll marvel at the things the city will whisper to you… Cock an ear when you come to Balat… Those houses with bay windows will tell so many things to you…

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