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26 February 2015  |  0 comment  |  Sahi

Traces of Women in Anatolia

The new block printing collection of Veliye Martı, “Traces of Women in Anatolia” is on display in Beyoğlu with contributions of Sahi.

Traces of Women in Anatolia

Having opened at Adahan Istanbul on Asmalımescit Street on 27 February, the Traces of Women in Anatolia exhibition by Veliye Martı brings the story of Anatolian women spanning thousands of years to fabrics, featuring objects such as the mother goddess and rug motifs. The purpose of this exhibition, open until 17 March, is to draw attention to women’s labor and ensure that weaving loom continue to operate by creating a sustainable support to our women working as weaving at weaving looms. “Feretiko”, “dastar”, “ihram”, precious local fabrics of Anatolia, on which the exhibited works are block printed, were all produced on these hand looms, and will continue to be produced in the same manner as a special collection within Sahi after the exhibition is over.

The exhibition puts forward the traces of women in this land, from eras when the woman who gave birth was regarded as the life-giving mother goddess, to Anatolian women who expressed their inner world through rugs they wove. Woman idols of communities who established the first settlements in Anatolia thousands of years ago, woman symbols in rug motifs and woman figures on 18th Century Kütahya ceramics are transformed into printed patterns and combined on block-prints. 

Veliye Martı is one of the prominent figures preserving and keeping alive our art of block printing in this day and age. She was introduced to this art form in 1990 in the workshop of Mehmet Eyüboğlu, the modern practitioner of block printing. Alongside obtaining academic certificated in the field of block printing, she went to Tokat and worked in workshops there according to the master/apprentice tradition for three years. The fact that she learned from masters raises Martı to a very special place in this art form. Today, Veliye Martı continues to work as a trainer and researcher in her workshop at the Church of the Saints Sergius and Bacchus in Sultanahmet.


Veliye Martı
27 February -17 March 2015

Cocktail: 27 February 2015, 18.30 – 20.30 | Visiting Hours: 11.00 – 20.00
Asmalı Mescit Mah. General Yazgan Sokağı No:14 Beyoğlu Istanbul 34430 Turkey 

Tel: +90 212 243 85 81 


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