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15 November 2014  |  0 comment  |  Ali Deniz Uslu

We’re Istanbulites!

Istanbul means watching Bosphorus, daydreaming at Maiden’s Tower, gazing upon the view from Galata for some, ferry trip pleasure, eating fried fish sandwich in Eminönü, sharing bagel with seagulls in Karaköy for others, rainbow in Taksim for some, serenity in Karaköy for others, richness for others, poverty for others, love for others, hope for others and peace for others…

We’re Istanbulites!

Everyone find something in Istanbul, because everything is in Istanbul! There are few cities with more books, poems, songs and novels written about it than Istanbul. Everyone wants to come here; they want to be Istanbulites. In fact, no one is a guest in this city… And what’s being an Istanbulite, or what’s the first step of being an Istanbulite? The answer is obvious; laying a claim! Me, you, her! All of us… Istanbul is two continents, two cities. Lots of lives, lots of stories… We Istanbulites are increasing in number.

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