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  • We are in love with Istanbul.  
    Every story, every flavor and every color tied to Istanbul falls indisputably into our area of interest.
  • We pursue the authentic. 
    We pursue the authentic, the original and if it exists somewhere, we definitely unearth it and bring it to light.
  • We consider handwork sacred. 
    We fully support real masters, real craftsmen, artisans and local economy of Turkey, in short, we support every kind of creation that values and adds value to humanity.
  • We support our neighbourhood.  
    It is always important for us to see our neighborhood develop, attract more attention, enhance its reputation and gain in value.
  • We cannot stay away from discovering.  
    We always keep our eyes open to not miss even the smallest, most obscure beauties of the city we live in.
  • We grow by sharing. 
    We gather one by one our discoveries, our joy, every piece of information, every value that adds beauty to life. We share as we grow, and we grow as we share.
  • We love surprises. 
    We never stop trying the untried, doing that which has never been done and amazing our customers with sweet surprises and innovations on every occasion, from our style of communication to our mode of hospitality.
  • We embrace  innovation.
    We boldly embrace every innovation we consider valuable, and foster and develop it passionately.

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